Jimbo 2022
Every Saturday, you can join our Kool Kat DJ Jimbo (Jim Alexander) with his fun filled "Saturday Night Special" show at 6pm (ET). Jimbo's birth month is December and is from a nearby town of Elyria, Ohio. As a 1990 Elyria Catholic graduate, he has become a musician and a graphic artist. After listening to our Kool Kat radio station, Jimbo was able to land his first radio show in 2019 and has many goals of bringing great trivia, music, art and counter culture of the flower power generation to his show. Jimbo experienced his first concert as a fan when Y&T opened for Motley Crue. He has always enjoyed and still enjoys listening to The Beatles, The Grateful Dead and Traffic. Loving rock-n-roll as much as he does, Jimbo would love to have the chance of interviewing Alice Cooper. As you sing along, bob your head, tap your finger, dance and/or etc, give DJ Jimbo a call and request your song.